Toureg Tent Peg

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The wife is the owner of the tent. If she and her husband should get divorced, the tent belongs to the wife.

The production takes place in the form of collective labour by women.

The tarpaulin is made out of goat leather which has been dyed red, stitched together and stretched over everything and anchored with the tent posts, which are usually beautifully carved.

Furnishing of the tents is an individual process.  The right part of the tent is assigned to the wife, for her saddle and the storing of the blankets.  The children also sleep on the right part.

The left side is the man’s area, where he stores his saddle and tools.

Married couples sleep in the left part. Their heads are always pointing south as does the main opening of the tent.

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Dimensions :

100-130cm H (approx)

  • Each tent peg is a complete one off, original piece with each bearing its own unique carvings and designs. Image is only an indication of the product – please contact for specific images of tent pegs available.