Tonga Stool Medium – Design G

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This one of a kind antique Tonga Stool is hand carved from a single piece of wood by the Tonga people in Zimbabwe. Worn smooth from daily use as a portable seat, this authentic piece is a collectible work of art. Traditionally, Tonga stools were important status symbols used by elders.


Tonga stools are one among hundreds of stools still being used in rural African villages. These particular stools are named after the Tonga people who originated in South Africa and overtime migrated north. Nowadays, this people group is referred to as “Tsonga” in South Africa, in Zimabawe – “Tonga”, and in Malawi and Zambia – “Batonga”.


Traditionally, only the head of the household could own and take his place on a Tonga stool – women were prohibited from sitting on stools. Just by observing a man’s chair you can easily weave together a story about the owner and his position in the wider community. These chairs are surprisingly comfortable, used for rest, work and during traditional meetings. 

While most Tonga stools fall in the same general style, they come in variety of designs, which are often geometric in form. However if you’re lucky enough you may find the maker has carved an animal into a chair. 

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Dimensions :

26cm Dia x 27cm H ( approx. )