Mounted Kudu Outer Horns

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Appearance – Kudu show strong sexual dimorphism in that bulls bear massive, long, spiral horns which reach record lengths of up to 1.8m. Horns grow to their full length at the age of six years. Bulls also attain much larger sizes than cows. Bulls can weigh as much as 300kg with a shoulder height of 1.4m and cows weight 210kg with a shoulder height of 1.25m. Tawny-brown to grey-brown coat, marked with white stripes on flanks which vary greatly in shape, size and pattern. V-shaped band on forehead and white spots on cheeks. Manes of long hair extend from the back of the head along the back to the tail, as well as on the lower neck to the belly.

Diet – As a browser this species feeds on a wide variety of tree and shrub leaves, favouring fruits, pods, forbs and creepers when available. Succulent such as Spekboom and Aloes are also eaten.

Habitat –  Kudu prefers dense bush, wooded foot hills of mountain areas, open Knobthorn woodlands in the Kruger National Park and game farms in Mpumalanga, the Mopane and Miombo woodlands of the Northern and North-western provinces, and countries beyond.

Where they are found – Kudu are distributed widely in Soputh Africa, a common game animal of game reserves, private game farms and even commonly encountered on many farms.

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