White Fulani Bowl

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White painted bowl hand-crafted out of hollowed out gourd. Exterior of bowl has delicate design hand carved into the surface.

The Fulani, many of whom are nomadic, live in an area from Mali in the west to Cameroon in the east. Fulani women besides nomadic architecture, specialize in the decoration of calabashes and wood bowls. Calabashes are pyro-engraved with a combination of abstract and figural motifs and colored with pigments. In the cow-centered Fulani culture, milk bowls are also important objects for the household. They are used as storage containers for fresh, curdled milk and grains. Because of their delicate chiseling, smoke-derived patina, and exquisite decorative treatment, bowls and calabashes could be considered as the true focus of aesthetic efforts of the Fulani people.

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Dimensions :

40cm DIA X 20cm H (approx)