Ethiopian Milk Jug w Shells – DESIGN B ART-ETH-JUG-XL

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To the tribal, pastoral peoples of Ethiopia milk and butter serve as symbols of abundance and fertility. Therefore despite their ritual functions woven milk containers also serve as objects of daily use. These jugs are exclusively made by women using the coil weaving technique and it can take months to finish a jug. The cleaning operation is performed before the milking. A hot coal made from aromatic wood is placed with a small amount of water into the container which creates steam. The lid is placed on and the jug is rotated. This process is repeated at least six times. Milk is then gathered from the cow in an okolle container set on the ground. The milk is then poured into these woven purified closed containers and then stored by hanging on the inner back wall of the house. Some milk is drunk fresh while some is stored for weeks

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35cm H x 20cm W x 24CM D ( approx. )