Ethiopian Cross – 28cm to 32cm (A) ART-ETH-CROSS-30-A

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European missionaries brought Christianity to many parts of Africa, in parallel with colonialism. But this was not the case with Ethiopia.

It comes as no surprise, therefore, that rather than the familiar European Latin Cross the Ethiopian Cross has a distinctive ‘African’ appearance . These are often named after the Northern Ethiopian regions and towns they are found in.

Ethiopian crosses are almost invariably made from elaborate lattice work. Hand held crosses usually include a square at the base, which represents the Ark of the Covenant, and both the Ark and the Cross bear the Shekinah. Geometric patterns are common in Ethiopian art and there is order and meaning in the intertwined lattice style. This represents and also relates to the nature of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

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Dimensions: 28cm – 32cm High

*Mounted on clear perspex or black wooden base*