Colonial Man 40cmH

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Colonial figures are wood carved European-like spirit mates.

When  a person (mostly women) describe their other world mate to the carver, they reveal their ideal mate, manifesting European characteristics (mostly French Colonial).

For example, if a woman wanted an athletic husband, she might have a soccer player carved. Or she may want a bus driver, businessman or pilot carved.

These figures  illustrate how the Ivory Coast Baule interpret and re-interpret the colonial presence in art.

Originally these figures were intended as symbols of social status, evident through the use of brightly coloured paints. They are lovingly cared for and often used as fetishes to attract a member of the opposite sex with qualities that one desires.

No two are alike and they are carved by master carvers specifically for one individual.

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Dimensions :

40cm (H) approx.

  • Many styles available

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