Black & White Nigerian Beaded Chair

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These African beaded chairs and decor hails from Nigeria in West Africa and was all beaded by hand.  Fist of all, these beaded chairs were originally made for the Yoruba tribe’s royalty.  Furthermore, only the Yoruba’s Kings and Queens as well as, their direct ascendants were the only privileged ones allowed to sit in these chairs. There are two types of armrests half and full, please see examples below indicated in image description.

Constructing one of these furniture pieces is a major task, one beaded chair, can take anywhere from 10 – 14 weeks to be completed, from beginning to end.  These chairs are available in different coloured beads, styles and the sizes can differ somewhat.  Today, these functional artful chairs are seen in lobbies, lounges, bedrooms as well as, waiting rooms and offices in some of the world’s most prestigious hotels, lodges, resorts private homes and contemporary offices across the globe.

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Dimensions :

85cm (W) x68cm (D) x 85cm (H) approx.

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