Authentic African Mudcloth – White – C

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Stunning one-off hand made white mudcloth with black design. Each one is unique and has been handmade using traditional techniques by artisans in Mali. Using one of our mudcloth lengths is a wonderful way of bringing African culture and authenticity into your space.

Bogolanfini (“Bo-ho-lahn-FEE-nee”), which translates as “mud cloth” is a long established tradition among the Bamana, a Mande speaking people who inhabit a large area to the east and north of Bamako in Mali.

The origin of this cloth is believed to lie in the Beledougou region of central Mali. Hand woven and hand-dyed mudcloth uses a centuries old process using numerous applications of various plant juices/teas and mud to dye hand woven cotton cloth.

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Dimensions :

160cm x 100cm (approx)