Fang Mask White

The Fang people come from  Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and south Cameroon, which are located in West-Central Africa. Ngil masks (white faced) from Gabon are among the most recognized and popular African masks. It is believed Picasso’s art in particular “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon,” was influenced by Ngil masks. Within the Fang tribe Ngil masks were worn by members of the Ngil male secret society during initiation ceremonies and when seeking out wrongdoers.  Masqueraders, clad in raffia costumes and attended by helpers, would materialize in the village after dark, illuminated by flickering torchlight.

In general Fang masks feature an elongated head and heart shaped, concave face. Ngil are usually  painted in white, while other colors are Ngontang.

Three incised lines lead from the point of the long nose over its flattened bridge and the round forehead to a sagittal comb, a typical stylistic feature of the southern Fang masks.

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